Autumn holidays in Naz, South Tyrol

Nature in many colours

Colourful leaves, ripe fruit hanging on the trees, fascinating clear view onto the surrounding mountains, taking a bite from a freshly picked apple: What can you desire more? In autumn our farm has a lot to offer.

Autumn is harvest time

In autumn there is harvest time on our farm. After a year of hard work the fruit is ready to be picked. On the trees there are apples which shine in red and gold. Take a walk through the orchards. It’s worth it!

"Sunnseitn Apfelwoche"

Every year in autumn the “Sunnseiten Apfelwoche” takes place. It is a festival where the new Apple Queen is going to be crowned. A whole week is dedicated to the apple. Many events are being offered.


In addition autumn is “Törggelezeit”. This autumn tradition of rambling through South Tyrol’s valleys and tasting young wine along with roast chestnuts and seasonal dishes is called “törggelen”.

Your autumn holiday in Naz, South Tyrol